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The New York City Vampire Murders - Author Glen C. Carrington

*NEW* – The New York City Vampire Murders – Book Five

The novel is about a series of eerie and bizarre homicides discovered in New York City where the police find corpses who’s blood has been sucked out of the bodies through two neck bite marks suggesting a vampire attack. With six bodies discovered in six months, was this the work of a supernatural being running around the historic and irreplaceable America’s largest metropolitan super city… The Big Apple…or someone or something trying to make it look like a vampire attack? After six months…

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The Oakland Hills Vodou Murder - Author Glen C. Carrington

The Oakland Hills Vodou Murder – Book One

The novel is about the murder of Hillary Chatham Dillard, an interracial co-ed at an affluent college campus in California’s Oakland Hills.  The body, covered in duck feathers with a majestic mallard duck head protruding from her mouth, was discovered after an annual alumni affair.  Was it voodoo…or as pronounced in Caribbean slang…vodou?

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The Atlanta Co-Ed Murder - Author Glen C. Carrington

The Atlanta Co-Ed Murder – Book Two

The Atlanta Co-Ed Murder is a story about who murdered a young attractive middle-class co-ed on a college campus. The body was discovered by the college security guard who stopped three young men, premiere athletes on the University’s top performing sports team, trying to dispose of the remains. The young men were enrolled in an all-male college and the murdered co-ed was the girlfriend of one of the three ‘prima donnas’ athletes. The young lady was a student at the all girl’s neighboring college.

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Murder In Peekskill - Author Glen C. Carrington

Murder In Peekskill – Book Three

Murder in Peekskill is a story about who murdered the youngest daughter of prominent New York Senator, James Benjamin McThellan, and his beautiful wife, Barbara Baker Adams- McThellan. The body of Abigail Ruth, the youngest daughter of three siblings, was discovered in the murky waters of a pond at a local popular park in the City of Peekskill after the first warm weather started melting the winter snow. A maintenance worker discovered the remains and immediately alerted authorities…

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Murder In Napa - Author Glen C. Carrington

Murder in Napa – Book Four

The novel is about the murder of Dr. Clarence Watson, a wealthy, distinguished, San Francisco psychiatrist who was found murdered at the estate of his friend, another affluent celebrity status psychiatrist, in the wine country of Napa. The body was found on the living room coffee table completely wrapped in white latex, giving the image of an alien being or a gigantic condom. What’s going on?

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